Covid-19 Safe Practices and Policies

Thank you for staying with us at the Noyo Harbor Inn!  We appreciate that you have chosen our Inn for your getaway and want it to be a special, memorable and worry-free vacation.

Below you will find a list of our practices to best protect you, our guest, as well as our staff and community during this time of Covid-19. We are also including a list of policies that we request of each of our guests to ensure the health and safety of all who frequent our inn. You will be asked to sign a Guest Agreement before checking in. A sample of the agreement is at the end of this policy document.

Thank you for your understanding and participation as we work together to stay healthy and enjoy life during these unprecedented times.

We also ask you to help our County’s efforts to keep visitors and residents free of the disease by…

  • having a mask with you whenever you are outside your room or vehicle and wearing it whenever indoors with other people and when outside when other people are around.
  • practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet, paying special attention when walking on narrow sidewalks and paths, passing through doorways, and using stairways.
  • attending to requests to minimize occupancy in stores, restaurants, and other places open to the public.
  • frequently washing or sanitizing your hands especially when handling carts, doors, and other frequently touched surfaces
  • staying home if you feel sick, have flu-like symptoms such as cough, fever, or trouble breathing. We will make your prepayments available to use for another stay, if you have to cancel.

Scott Schneider, General Manager, is available 24 hours per day/7 days per week to deal with any COVID concerns, policy questions and procedural issues.  Scott is responsible for ensuring all guests and staff follow the protocols and practices outlined on this document.

Scott will be on-site (or within 5 minutes of the site) and can be contacted by calling 707-961-8000 or emailing


  • Each of our employees has received training in extensive cleaning procedures, to include the frequent sanitizing of all common touch areas such as counters, doors, floors, lamps, light switches, tables, chairs, and couches, for example.
  • Employees are required to self-assess before coming into work – and not coming if they have a cough or fever or live in a household where any of the residents exhibit or complain of such symptoms.
  • When employees do come to work, supervisors will take their temperature with a distance thermometer.
  • Employees are required to sign a document ensuring they are not symptomatic and will follow all safety related procedures as determined by the County Health Order.
  • We are providing signage regarding social distancing, our requirement that masks are worn in the presence of other guests and/or Inn Staff, and web site address to provide details of procedures to assure safety and social distance.
  • Hand sanitizing dispensers provided at all common entrances, including reception, entrance to the restaurant
  • We practice frequent cleaning of all common touch surfaces.
  • Each of our employees wears a mask and, where needed, gloves.
  • At all times, we practice social distancing, maintaining a minimum of 6-feet distance from all others. We encourage greater distance indoors and insist on wearing masks, except when dining.
  • Doors to common areas – Unless weather dictates otherwise, lobby and other entrance doors will be left open in order that guests and staff will not need to touch them.
  • Reservations are required to rent rooms and will occur either by phone or online. Walk-ins are available on a limited basis subject to availability.
  • Only members of the same household/family unit may share a room. No more than two adults may occupy a single room at any given time.
  • Occupancy is capped at 70% with rooms unoccupied for a 24 hours period prior to and following any room rental.
  • During check in you will receive sanitized room keys and any special instructions to maximize your comfort and safety during your stay with us. Check ins will occur outside when possible with minimal contact.
  • Check-out is by express check-out. Keys can be left in the rooms and receipts will be sent via email to the email provided at check-in.
  • To provide “touchless service” your acceptance of our policies for checking-in, you will need to agree to using the credit card with which you reserved a room as the method of payment for rooms, food and all other service and products purchased here.


  • Each of our rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to guest arrival. All surfaces, furniture, linens and amenities are sanitized.
  • Once your room is cleaned and prepared for you, no one enters the room prior to your arrival.
  • You will be given personalized antibacterial hand sanitizer. Disposable gloves and facial masks are available from any staff member should you need one.
  • We will not enter your room during your stay. You can call requesting amenities, fresh towels, breakfast, dinner, etc., and we will deliver to your room.

General Housekeeping Procedures information that will be provided to guests on Guest Pages on website:

  • Housekeepers and guest service staff have been trained to have all bed coverings, towels and sheets be removed, placed in bags in order to safely transport to laundry. All towels are to be placed in laundry bags for towels only and taken to laundry. Staff are provided with masks and gloves to be worn at all times.
  • Each Housekeeper will have their own vacuum, caddy with cleaning and sanitizing supplies.
  • Housekeepers have been trained assuring high-touch items including television remote controls, toilet seats and handles, door locks and levers, furniture/drawer pulls, water faucet handles, nightstands, hangers, laminated emergency signage, telephones, drapery wands, light switches, temperature control panels, alarm clocks, luggage racks, microwaves, French press and supplies refrigerators (inside and outside) etc. and flooring.
  • Housekeepers have been trained to ensure all bed linen and laundry are washed and dried at high temperature and in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • After sanitizing, room will not be entered earlier than approximately 24 or more hours.


  • Each room is equipped with a French press coffee maker, teas, water bottled with filtered water, coffee mugs and drinking cups.
  • Our restaurant is currently open Thursday – Monday. Meals can be enjoyed either on our patio, in our dining room or in your own room.
  • Daily menus will be available on-line, ordering can be by phone or directly at the restaurant.
  • For more information on restaurant specific procedures, please see the Restaurant Operational Protocols document available at main entrances to the business.


  • We ask all guests to practice social distancing during check-in, while enjoying our property, in the restaurant and when interacting with other guests as well as our staff.
  • To assure your safety we require that you wear a mask when not in your accommodations. Please wear a mask, that covers your face from chin to and including your nose.
  • If before your trip to Fort Bragg you find you are feeling unwell, we request that you notify us by phone so that we can reschedule your stay with us.