NHI Standard Session

A unique blend of modalities with strong Swedish style influence. Focusing on relaxation and muscle manipulation. Our most popular service. Pressure ranging from light to medium-firm. Available in 50min/$110 or 80min/$165

Deep Tissue Session

Allow your muscles to release with our firm pressure therapy. Our deep tissue session will smooth out tension and muscle fatigue all while working through deep layers of muscle and fascia. Pressure is firm and customizable to your needs. Available in 50min/$120 or 80min/$175

Warm Stone Session

This session is the definition of self care. Enjoy warmed basalt stones as they glide in oil along your muscles and are placed at joints for complete relaxation and soft tissue release. Feel your tension melt away with each pass. Pressure for this session can range light to medium. Available for 80min $190

Aromatherapy Enhancement: $25 Aromatherapy sessions are encouraged and available. Aromas have wonderful benefits when added to massage. Including deeper relaxation, mild topical pain relief, mind body connections, and pleasant scent to help drift you away to relaxation. 

Make it a Tandem Session! We always have room for a friend or loved one. As available.

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